Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Big Bag Heaven

Big purses are the best! I tend to carry everything and {not but} the kitchen sink in my purse so the bigger the better! A big leather bag is a definite Fall must-have. I like to wear them with super skinny jeans and big sweaters {like the first two pictures below} or you can work it like the Olsens!

[Pictures #1 and #2 taken from here; Picture #3 from here]

Below is a collage of BIG purses I've found on some of my favorite shopping websites which are super fabulous! Check 'em out!

1. Modern Deco Bag - Ruche [$52.99]
2. Wingate Satchel - Free People [$108]
3. Desert Bloom Bag - Ruche [$59.99]
4. Antik Leather Combined Bowling Bag - Zara [$89.90]
5. Samantha Tassel Satchel - Ruche [$54.99]
6. Bowling Bag with Metallic Ornament on Handles - Zara [$89.90]
7. Kimchi Blue Doctor Weekender Bag - Urban Outfitters [$99]
8. City Messenger Bag - Zara [$49.90]
9. Brompton Mini-Hobo - JCrew [$258]

I just bought #8 a couple days ago and I'm so ready for it to come in the mail!! Hope y'all have a great Tuesday! :)


  1. Of course, I'm looking at the pictures, not paying attention to the prices, and decided I really really like #9... which is the most expensive by far. Ugh. Super cute :)