Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Boots are one of my favorite things in the world, seriously.... I've been looking for a new pair for fall. I got this pair for Christmas last year and I loved them!!! However, the snow kind of did them in last winter.... Below is my little collage of boots from piperlime.com, I would love to buy a pair of any of these Frye boots but they aren't really in my price range.... Any who, here are some boots that I dream I can maybe someday afford and a few pairs that I actually can afford!!!

#1: Paige Tall Riding Boot by Frye
#2: Melissa Button by Frye
#3: Page by Mia
#4: Fulton Harness Boot by Michael Kors
#5: Rogerr by Steve Madden
#6: Inspirre by Steve Madden
#7: Carson Buckle by Frye
#8: Leslie Sharon by Indigo by Clarks

Happy Stompin'

Monday, July 30, 2012

Simple & Sassy

I'm a really big fan of combining solid pieces to create a simple but sassy outfit. These Chambray Full Woven Skirts from American Apparel are the perfect high-waisted full skirt and go with everything! I currently own the blue and black versions and I can literally match them with any shirt whether it is a simple tank top (shown above) or a loud blouse. Add in a classic brown belt like this Vachetta Belt from J.Crew and it makes this simple outfit very refined. I often wear these skirts with my knee high boots {I wear boots with everything...}, however, I think completing this outfit with a nude shoe with ankle strap gives it a sassy finishing touch. Whether you prefer the Kamelia Flat by Steve Madden or the Cooperative Suede Ankle Strap Wedge from Urban Outfitters depends on what you're doing in this outfit but they will both look great! Because this outfit is simple, feel free to add in some fun jewelry, an over-sized watch, or a colorful scarf!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ann Arbor Art Fair

Every summer Ann Arbor has its Annual Art Fair; the streets around downtown are barricaded and then overwhelmed with tents full of art, clothing, jewelry and everything in between. Though there are some annoying things about Art Fair like all the tourists and terrible traffic, there are plenty of more amazing things, for example, the Urban Outfitters Sale!!!! Urban puts out tents and buckets full of clothes, shoes, purses, accessories and so on that are all at least 80% off. I went there last Friday before work and got around 25 pieces of clothing plus a pair of sandals and a purse for $180..... If you know anything about Urban Outfitters prices you know that is a major steal.... Here are a few pictures of me in one of my new outfits! I don't like whoever said you can't wear black and brown together; personally I love those two colors together! I also love wearing knee high boots with shorts, skirts and dresses especially high-waisted ones!
[Ray-Ban Titanium Aviators, Coincidence & Chance Cami, Kimchi Blue Printed High-Waisted Shorts, Gianni Bini "Parker" Knee High Flat Boots, UO Belt and Vintage Purse, American Apparel Bow]

Photos courtesy of Tom Brady

Friday, July 27, 2012

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

I'm not that big on sweets but these are one of the cutest desserts I've ever seen so I had to try making them! I followed this recipe and it was SUPER easy. I used red velvet cake instead of confetti cake because I love how the red cake looks. Instead of buying frosting I used my mom's secret recipe which I can't share te hehe. I also didn't stick the cones as far into the batter as the original recipe because I wanted more the of the cupcake part to come out of the cone and look more like ice cream! My boyfriend, Tom, thinks they would be better with waffle cones. That's my plan for next time. I wasn't planning on eating these myself because I'm on a diet and I honestly only made them because they are cute. Nevertheless, of course I caved {and ate one plus some extra frosting} and I actually really enjoyed them with the cone as is. My one problem with these cupcake cones is that I don't own a container to store them in without messing up the frosting {wish I would have thought of that in the grocery store}. I sent them with Tom to work today so that his friends can have some yummy treats {this is also a bribe to make them follow my blog... kidding, well but not really ;)}. I've come to the conclusion that I need to work on my frosting abilities, hopefully that will come with due time. Anyways, here's the fun part.... PICTURES!! Hope y'all like!
[Crazy cones!]


They look so pretty!!!! ;)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Battle Scar

Just wanted to share with y'all my battle scar from grocery shopping and carrying in about 10 bags from the car by myself. Haha!

[I feel cool HA]

Spicy Chicken Avocado Enchiladas

I want to start out this post by letting y'all know that I LOVE avocados, so when I saw this recipe on Pinterest I knew I HAD to make it. I followed her advice to keep the recipe as spicy as its name by leaving in the seeds from the Serrano pepper and using medium salsa verde. The enchiladas were the perfect degree of spicy. I did change her recipe a wee bit. I also LOVE garlic, so instead of two cloves I used six.... Whoops. I also used wheat flour tortillas instead of white to attempt to make this recipe somewhat healthier (it's impossible). Her bake time is pretty broad, I ended up leaving them in the oven for 19 minutes. Next time I think I will leave them in for around 22 minutes to make the tortillas crispier. I would also add salt and pepper to each individual tortilla before you roll it up and I would cook the chicken with lime juice to add an extra zesty flavor! Overall, these were super delicious!!

Ways I altered the recipe:
- 6 cloves of garlic instead of 2
- wheat flour tortillas instead of white

Things I would change for next time:
- longer cook time 22minutes instead of 19minutes
- individually salt and pepper each tortilla before its rolled up
- cook the chicken in lime juice
- not use so much cheese

[Filling each torilla]
[All rolled up]

I'd love to hear ideas y'all have to make these enchiladas different!
Hope y'all have an amazing Thursday!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's Peanut Butta Apple Time

Today I had planned to publish a post about all the awesome clothes that I bought at Ann Arbor Art Fair last week, however, I still have to take pictures due to my lack of camera man... Any ways that post is on hold for now. 

After work today I was super hungry and decided to wander into Trader Joes for some delicious treats. I found a lovely assortment of delectable snacks including granny smith apples, vanilla soy milk, sugar snap peas, lettuce, green grapes, multi-grain crackers, veggie burgers, organic peanut butter with sea salt, and these amazing dark chocolate peanut butter cups plus a bottle of cheap rose wine (which turned out to be awesome). Now I know this list sounds random and that's because it is. I should know better at my ripe old age of 23 then to walk into Trader Joes or any grocery store for that fact when I'm hungry....

When I got home I had so many choices of things to eat. This was a problem. Everything sounded so delicious. First, I sautéed some radishes, onions, and baby bella mushrooms that were already in my fridge with some ginger soy sauce and then topped them with a wee bit of cheese, wrapped it up in a mini tortilla and consumed. After this I was still hungry. The apples were calling my name. I sliced up the apples and dipped them in my new organic peanut butter. While eating the first one, I noticed my jar of granola and thought that would be an awesome combo with what I'm eating!! ENTER NEW YUMMY LUNCH/SNACK IDEA!

Granny Granola Peanut Butta Apples

- One granny smith apple
- Two tablespoons of organic peanut butter w/ sea salt
- Two tablespoons of granola (I used Bear Naked Fit Vanilla Almond Crunch)

1. Cut apples (duh)
2. Scoop peanut butter (duh)
3. Sprinkle granola (duh)
4. EAT

[Awesome ingredients]

[My dessert]

Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Cleaning

Like I said in my first post, I'm moving in the middle of August which is only a couple weeks away now! I decided that I needed to go through all my closets and drawers to get rid of things that I don't need. I donated a HUGE trash bag of clothes to my favorite thrift shop and it felt really good. I have a hard time getting rid of clothes that still fit because I always think "well I might wear that here or there"... And then it sits in my closet for another four years. Seriously, some of these clothes I've have since high school or before.... Any ways I found a few things along the way that made me smile!

I have serious obsession with shoes, however it's genetic so I can't do anything about it ;)... This is a paper weight that my mom bought my sister and I a couple years ago for Christmas. It's just perfect! I also adore this rustic bucket, it's the ideal place for headbands and hair bows!

[Mother knows best]
I love getting cards and letters in the mail so when I do I save all of them! My mom is a big fan of sending cards for like every holiday (which I love). Here are a couple that I thought were super cute!

[Easter card from my mom]

[Postcard from my best friend Rachel because I moved from Louisiana to Michigan]
There is something so nostalgic about photo booth pictures. My sister, Madeline, and I took these in the mall near our Mom's house (not really sure when). This picture hangs on the mirror above my dresser and it always makes me super happy!

[Adrienne & Madeline]

Last but not least, I found two things that made me laugh!! The first is a bumper sticker that I got at Ashley's (an awesome bar in downtown Ann Arbor) during the midnight release of Oberon for the summer. The second thing is two broken phones... There was a period in my life where I seriously felt like I broke a phone every couple weeks (pathetic, I know). Currently I have had my iPhone4 for almost two years which is a MAJOR accomplishment!

[Te hehe]

Happy Monday y'all!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Lucky #7

Compared to most girls I personally don't think that I'm too obsessed with makeup and beauty products, however, there are several products that I have found over the years that I can't live without! Here are some of them:

#1: When you have a Sephora Beauty Insider card they give you free samples on your birthday! On my birthday this year I received a free sample of this Sugar Lip Treatment and fell in love! I currently have the Passion color, however, I tried the Coral and Rose colors and they are really nice too! This stuff seriously feels like silk on your lips plus it's not sticky at all (I refuse to wear lip gloss because my hair always gets caught in it) and the colors are so rich!

#2: A couple years ago I decided that I needed new face makeup so I bought one of the bareMinerals Complexion Sets to see how I liked it. People were always ranting and raving about how amazing they were, so I decided to give them shot. I loved everything about this kit but my favorite thing was the Faux Tan Bronzer, it adds such a nice sun-kissed glow without being too dark or orange!

#3: I can't stand really liquidity concealers, I find that they don't conceal anything. When I tried Clinique All About Eyes Concealer I was very pleased! It is a thicker concealer that covers everything I want it to! I actually use it on more then just my under eyes and I love it!

#4: Almay's Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover is the BEST. 'Nough said.

#5: Up until about a couple months ago I used Lancome Le Stylo Waterproof Eyeliner for my basic everyday liner. It stayed on all day which was nice, however, I found that sometimes it didn't apply as easily as I wanted. Then I found NARS Larger then Life Long-Wear Eyeliner, it rolls on super easily and stays on all day plus longer! It also comes in the coolest colors plus it's a couple dollars cheaper!

#6: I have really dry skin... This Aveeno Clear Complexion Moisturizer makes my face feel extremely refreshed and smooth without feeling greasy and it keeps my face clear. Definitely worth the extra money compared to other drug store moisturizers!

#7:  Last year for Christmas my mom bought my sister and I these awesome Clinique eye makeup kits. They came with an abundant assortment of eye shadows plus Clinique's High Imparct Marcara. This mascara goes on easily and it stays on. It makes my lashes look super long, full and spread out. I switched mascaras that Christmas and haven't ever looked back!

I would love to hear about products y'all can't live without!