Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Cleaning

Like I said in my first post, I'm moving in the middle of August which is only a couple weeks away now! I decided that I needed to go through all my closets and drawers to get rid of things that I don't need. I donated a HUGE trash bag of clothes to my favorite thrift shop and it felt really good. I have a hard time getting rid of clothes that still fit because I always think "well I might wear that here or there"... And then it sits in my closet for another four years. Seriously, some of these clothes I've have since high school or before.... Any ways I found a few things along the way that made me smile!

I have serious obsession with shoes, however it's genetic so I can't do anything about it ;)... This is a paper weight that my mom bought my sister and I a couple years ago for Christmas. It's just perfect! I also adore this rustic bucket, it's the ideal place for headbands and hair bows!

[Mother knows best]
I love getting cards and letters in the mail so when I do I save all of them! My mom is a big fan of sending cards for like every holiday (which I love). Here are a couple that I thought were super cute!

[Easter card from my mom]

[Postcard from my best friend Rachel because I moved from Louisiana to Michigan]
There is something so nostalgic about photo booth pictures. My sister, Madeline, and I took these in the mall near our Mom's house (not really sure when). This picture hangs on the mirror above my dresser and it always makes me super happy!

[Adrienne & Madeline]

Last but not least, I found two things that made me laugh!! The first is a bumper sticker that I got at Ashley's (an awesome bar in downtown Ann Arbor) during the midnight release of Oberon for the summer. The second thing is two broken phones... There was a period in my life where I seriously felt like I broke a phone every couple weeks (pathetic, I know). Currently I have had my iPhone4 for almost two years which is a MAJOR accomplishment!

[Te hehe]

Happy Monday y'all!!!!!!!!!!

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