Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Blog Cherry... POP

Hi Y’all!

Welcome to my [hopefully] awesome blog! My name is Adrienne! I currently live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which in my opinion is one of the most unique cities I've ever lived in. It has so much to offer for so many unique kinds of people!

Short summary of my life [in case you don’t know me]: I’ve lived in a lot of places for only being 23 years old (Michigan, Florida, New Mexico, Louisiana, Texas and then back to Michigan). Why you ask? My mother is very free spirited [and the coolest mom ever]. So I love fashion, cooking (& eating), staying healthy and design/decor. I think my style is different because it’s hard for me to pick one place to call “home.” My style doesn’t fit the traditional southern belle (which I believe I am at heart), it doesn’t fit the normal Michigander winter fashion, it’s just weird, like me!

Why did I start a blog? Well you see I follow a TON of blog and I adore Pinterest. I always wanted to talk to my boyfriend about all the cool things I discovered each day and all of the wonderful ideas I came up with…. But he would usually get bored within five seconds. He persuaded me to start my own blog and here it is!

Now let’s talk about the name of my blog. If you have your own blog you know that picking a name is VERY difficult. I felt that every name that came to mind was basically a copy of another blog that I follow or it was already taken or just plain stupid…. I started making lists of things that I like (boots, vintage bags, over-sized watches, high waisted skirts, hair bows, REALLY high heels, sun dresses, sun flowers…). Then the word SUN came to me… The sun is yellow and full of energy and my hair is yellow and I’m full of energy and I like sunflowers, sundresses and SUNNY SIDE UP eggs! Now this blog is not about just eggs (though I do love eggs)… But it’s about the sunny side of life, which is like the pretty, energetic, fun, spontaneous side of life! That’s my logic and I’m sticking to it.

SO I’m moving into this awesome new apartment with my boyfriend in about a month and I’m so excited to start decorating. The apartment has beautiful wood floors, soft arch ways and doors, marble window sills, a stone porch and well it's just all around PRETTY. Oh and did I mention it has a walk in closet (I'M SO EXCITED). Any ways, in this blog I’m going to document all the fun design projects I encounter plus all the yummy food I make and hopefully all the cool fashion trends I find along the way!

I popped my blog cherry. Woo!


  1. Sweet! I like how you said it wasn't a blog about eggs and the first post has eggs! haha. I definitely want to try out that pizza....what temp and for how long did you cook it?

  2. Haha yeah I thought that was funny too! The recipe I found used homemade crust and they recommended 500 degrees for 8-10 minutes... However, I used store bought pizza crust and they recommended 450 degrees from 10-12 minutes so that's what I did! Good luck!!