Thursday, September 27, 2012


Contrast is one of my favorite things when it comes to fashion. I love when an outfit has contrasting colors, shapes, or in this case, fit! I always see girls in magazines and fashion websites wearing mini skirts and baggy sweaters and it looks adorable! The mixture of a hard tight skirt and soft loose sweater appears structured yet comfy all at the same time. It's somewhat like that messy look, which took you 2 hours to perfect yet appears like you got ready in a minute.... Anyways, I finally found the right mini skirt and sweater to pull this look off for myself, however, I got them both from Marshalls so I can't really tell you where they are from other than that.... Below are some options I put together that you can buy!

1. Skirt - H&M [$5.95]
2. Sweater - Mango [$49.99] {Other wonderful options: herehere & here}
3. Boots - Zara [$99.90]
4. Skinny belt - Banana Republic [$29.50]
5. Leather bows - American Apparel [$16.00]

I paired this outfit with knee high boots because it adds another element of contrast [short skirt + high boots] plus have I mentioned that I love boots?! I also think that mini skirts look less scandalous when you have your legs covered up with boots.... You can also throw in a skinny belt to tie the sweater up just right! Lastly, adding a leather bow to your hair and a leather satchel over you shoulder gives this outfit it's final touches! Hope you like! :)

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