Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jungle Curry with Tofu

Every time I order tofu at a restaurant I absolutely love it, however, the idea of cooking it myself terrifies me. The other day I was skimming through my September issue of Cooking Light and found this recipe. The picture sold me instantly {plus I was craving tofu}. I knew I would have to make this on a night that Tom wasn't eating because he won't eat tofu or eggplant.... He had a business meeting until like midnight last night so obviously this was my chance! The only way I changed the recipe {besides adding garlic, duh} was that I used red mild curry paste instead of green curry paste because that was the only kind Meijer had.

Overall, the dish was really good, but I felt that there weren't enough spices. Next time I would add some cayenne pepper and possibly some ginger to make it more flavorful. The tofu was perfect though! I'm definitely going to keep this recipe in order to remember how to cook the tofu correctly! Happy Wednesday!

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