Friday, August 10, 2012

Antique Shopping

When I was a child I literally thought I was going to die in an antique store..... My mom would love to shop for HOURS and if you could die of boredom I'm sure I would have. Now as an adult I LOVE antique shopping... It's funny how things like that change. Anyways, here are some super cool things I found!

[Old suitcases! If they were prettier colors I would have bought them to make this side table. I'm still on the hunt.]
[Rustic workbench. I'm in love.]
[Small kitchen island/drawers. The top of this is made of some type of tile, perfect for easy kitchen clean up!]
[Adorable bench! I think this would look super cute at the end of a bed to act as a footboard!]
[Use the bird house on the left like a candle holder on the right!]
[Precious turquoise side table w/ baskets.]
[I wanted to buy this and make it a bar! I love the rustic feel of the wood and the color!]
[Pretty white table with distressed top. This would look sweet if you painted the top red and then distressed it to look vintage again. The blue mason jars are also awesome, I mean who doesn't love mason jars?]
[Simple and classic white pantry, perfect for displaying pretty dishes! Plus a super rustic mini ladder that would work perfect for this!]
 Woohooo for the weekend!! ;)