Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lemon Berry Muffins

I really enjoy muffins for a morning snack! They also look super cute in fun colorful muffin cups. I found a list of healthy muffin recipes the other day here and they all looked so delicious!! I planned to make this recipe but of course I ended up changing it a little...

Ways I changed the recipe:
1. I doubled the recipe to make more muffins!
2. I split one batch into twelve normal sized muffins and used the other to make six GIANT muffins!
3. Instead of using just raspberries I used frozen mixed berries because I really didn't want to sort through the bag and find three cups of just raspberries {I think it turned out better then the original}
4. I don't own a food processor so I used a blender instead and that seemed to work just fine

Best thing about this recipe is that the little muffins are only 185 calories!!!!! Happy Thursday!!

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