Thursday, August 30, 2012

DIY Book Ends

At our new apartment there was this super awkward space above our giant TV and a bunch of DVDs that didn't have a home... We bought this shelf from IKEA to store the DVDs. Once they were up on the shelf, it was obvious that we needed book ends to keep the DVDs up. I went to a few stores and couldn't find anything I liked.... Then I found these two matching vases that came with flowers Tom gave me a while back. I thought they would look really cool with rocks and flowers in them and then use them to hold the DVDs up. I was right! I love how they turned out! Check out the directions below!

What you need:
1. Empty vases of your choice
2. Decor sand {I used a 28oz bag from Michaels - $2.99 a bag}
3. Rocks, marbles, or even seashells {I used two 2lb bags of black river rocks from Michaels - $2.79 a bag}
4. Fake flowers of your choice {I used silk white hydrangeas from Michaels - $7.99 a bunch}
5. Floral styrofoam block {I used a 2x2x4 in. block from Michaels and cut it in half - $2.49 a block}

1. Cut the floral styrofoam block in half
2. Trim the stems of the fake flowers to the correct length you want, also to make sure the flowers are the same size
3. Fill each vase about 1/3 full of decor sand
4. Place one half of the styrofoam block in the center of the sand
5. Push the flower stem into the styrofoam
6. Place rocks accordingly in the vase insuring that the flower stands up straight and you cover up all of the styrofoam block
7. DONE :)

Hope you like!

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