Monday, August 13, 2012

Cake Pops!

I've been making cake balls for a while now and they are way too delicious...  These things are ridiculously addictive. At about 200 calories a ball, the urge of wanting to eat more always triumphs over my healthy side. I found this recipe a while back and it's perfect! The key to creating great cake balls is making sure the balls are COLD. Don't rush this. Let everything cool in the fridge or freezer. The colder and more solid the cake balls are, the easier they are to coat with the chocolate bark. Also, be extra careful when heating the bark. Follow the package instructions carefully so you don't overheat. In order to turn cake balls into cake pops you need to buy lollipop sticks like these! The instructions to make cake pops are a little more time consuming because you have the added chore of putting the cake balls on lollipop sticks! I made one addition to this recipe by adding sea salt before the chocolate bark dries. I love the new taste! Tom however prefers them without the sea salt... Though you need patience to make these babies they are definitely worth it!

[Cake + Frosting]
[All rolled out]
[Operation station]
{Bouquet of delicious cake pops w/ sea salt!]

 Moving in!! Pictures to come soon!! :)

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